It feels like the piece has come somewhat about the rise and fall of man. We are born, we struggle, we grow, and then we destroy ourselves. Being littered with stories of our own mistakes, and discrepancies as people and individuals, it kind of tracks this downfall of ours, and leaves the question open to hope?… How much of what we have to say in our stories, relates to the journey of man in this world? How many of our flaws in the piece are universal?  

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Video documenting our rehearsal process

Filmed and Edited by Bethany Weall

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Grotowski Techniques Revisited


Acting through focus and awarness.

As a group of actors I feel we have searched for self knowledge and awareness. We have tried to break free of limitations and realise our full potential. Working together I think we have sometimes reached ‘inner harmony’ as we begin to react off one…

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Solo Performance - Jake - our-poor-prometheus

Jake’s piece brought to mind this-

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So funny..

He’s a real person too.


Here’s a great song by Miss Black America with a punk attitude and relevant lyrics. Have a listen.

No divine presence ever touched us
No miracle let us talk in tongues
Now you spend your days praying, crying
For forgiveness just for being human
You’ve made it clear you will not rest until
You’ve sussed out - 
What does God say?

The human punk is an animal
The human punk is unconditional
The human punk loves those who keep sinning
Over and over again
Yeah yeah

God’s good children are playing outside
Learning to cheat, learning to hate, learning to fight
Why do we rejoice in pointless suffering?
What does God say?

The human punk adorns my walls
The human punk never fails to rock my world
The human punk is always listening
The human punk is a God worth worshipping
The human punk is an addict:
And adrenaline-junkie, Class-A mentalist
The human punk is ready to die to keep the rock ‘n’ roll
The rock ‘n’ roll dream alive

They told me to burn my books and my CDs
And that my friends were a satanic, evil influence on me
And you say rock ‘n’ roll destroys the soul?
I say, BITE ME - 
What does God say?


I feel like Billy Mack when dancing


In my Our friends in the North post I thought of the end of Tosker’s story and how his life had somewhat improved. It got me wondering how the Carpenter’s life might have improved after the events of the play, if it would have at all. 

Which led me to thinking of whether it’s worth considering a character’s future AFTER the play. ‘I smiled and wondered how’, no, I wondered if the reappearance of Shen Te in the Carpenter’s and the other’s lives actually improves their lives in the end. Maybe it all falls flat after the euphoric end of the play and they find themselves in the same position as always, disappointed.

As for the Granddad, I don’t think he has a life after the play. His life came to an end sometime shortly after Act 1.